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Where am I on the creative curve??

So I really have not posted much since around Thanksgiving. At that time, I felt I "should" post about things I was grateful for, but I just didn't feel like it. I realized I was about to end the quiet, hibernating part of the creative cycle. The part of the curve at the bottom. This period seemed to coincide with the New England seasons. The time where life becomes still and hidden... growing beneath the surface, unseen...waiting for the right time to peak it's head out...waiting for the conditions to be right.

I was stepping into the time of Knowing that this time is necessary and important. A time when my faith may be challenged a bit... I must be honest, this historically not been my favorite part of the process :)

From various spiritual teachers, I have learned to consciously create when I am in a good space - clear, happy, peaceful, hopeful, energized. And perhaps more present this winter, do not create when I am feeling sad, bored, numb, doubting, or fearful. So I was quiet.... This winter was a time of watching TV, being quiet, eating and not exercising much. I did not want to dwell, so I did not write.

But I will share that I am very grateful for being well cared for. I have a great house, warm and filled with opportunities and memories. I was surrounded by furry companions who provided love and entertainment, as well as motivation to vacuum! I had good cash flow and avoided the COVID that entered my old place of employment. So many staff were very sick and so many residents were sick and several died. As a friend on staff said of working during this time, "Every day is hell." I am grateful to remain healthy. I am grateful to have had the quiet time and the time to sit and do no-thing. I am grateful to have supportive friends and friends I love very much. I am grateful to have opportunities each day to create and I am grateful to know that all things pass and each moment is new. The process continues....

So now, I feel as if I am coming out of the lowest point on the curve and starting to come up. I love this time... a time of hope, renewal, the sparks of inspiration, visions, glimpses...calls to action...stepping forward and feeling....

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