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Again, I write this entry after the fact. I woke up one morning and felt like going into the garage. I had a guest coming in a few days and wanted to make sure my space felt fresh and clean, since it has been sitting idle for months due to COVID. I decided I wanted to paint the door from my garage into the house. I had some left over paint and voila! It made me laugh. For some reason, every time I looked at this crazy blue door, I LOVED it! If this doesn't say "come in", I don't know what will!

Once I finished this door, I really wanted to refresh my front door. It was red, but it needed a new coat. I went to the hardware store and found some bright red color. I bought a sample size and voila! I also looked up feng shui and front doors to attract wealth. According to feng shui, my East facing door should be a natural wood tone, but I love red and my red door makes me happy! How can this be wrong?!? I want my front door to say "Welcome"! I want my home to be welcoming.

A dear friend told me of a "Welcoming Prayer". Sounded cool. I will try this out when it feels right. I looked it up and here it is:

Over the next few days, I freshened up the apartment doors, trim and walls as needed. I opened the windows and let fresh air in. I cleaned everything and it was ready for my guests. I felt good and energized in re-enlivening this space.

#welcoming #bluedoor #reddoor

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