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The feeling of YES!!!!

I had a dream last night and woke up with the feeling of YES!

In the dream, I was playing field hockey. I was on the right side of the field. A teammate got the ball and was moving in my direction. I said "I got it - you go!" She passed the ball to me - just out of my reach heading for the sideline. I stretched and got to the ball just as it was about to go out of bounds. I had to really focus and talked to myself out loud, saying "you've got this...that's it...come on, Pam, you can do this". It took me a few tries, but I was able to stop the ball from going out of bounds and was able to pass it ahead to my teammate who was open down field. She easily handled the pass and immediately passed to another teammate further down field. She reached, handled the pass and took a shot on goal and SCOOOORRRRRE! There was no defense in the dream and it was an easy goal. In the dream, I feel to my knees and held my stick in my left hand and pounded my right fist on the artificial turf (smooth, green, no bumps) and said YES, YES, YES!!! I was elated! I knew we could do it!

I woke up in that feeling of YES, YES, YES! Feeling like stretching and focus and teamwork did it! Feeling powerful, teamwork, joy, elation, confidence, excitement, ecstatic, knowing, so excited. The excitement of achievement...being a part of something more than just

you. The feeling of being unstoppable. the feeling of winning the championship... the feeling of teammates running together, hugging and jumping on each other in celebration. The joy when all pieces come together at just the right time. Forces coming together... Performance...collaboration....Invincibility!

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