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Take a Hike

8/26: I woke up this am feeling better and had more energy. I laid in bed for a bit appreciating how comfy I was!

I did my morning meditation and decided to head north on Rt8 and find a new hike. I packed a bag and set off. I was driving up listening to some of my favorite inspirational YouTube videos on the car stereo. I realized that I like going somewhere new because I am more alert and attuned to which way my intuition wants me to go - go Left...go right....turn NOW... A kind of meditation, I feel.

After grabbing lunch at a Big Y, I stopped at a trailhead and picked a direction. I was on a section of the Appalachian Trail in Becket, MA and was heading to Upper Goose Pond. I finally saw a couple who said I was on the right track. I like hiking alone - going at my pace, resting when I want. Perhaps I don't like being vulnerable in front of others- if needing a break periodically is being vulnerable... The hike was beautiful and felt good. I brought my hammock and a sketchpad with me, but I did not break them out. The wildflowers were starting to come out and the weather was absolutely ideal today - sunny, breezy and in the low 70s. I am VERY blessed to have this time!

Following my intuition going home - taking random turns, ending up on dirt roads under construction, traveling through beautifully shaded forest land, discovering lakes I did not know and listening to music with the sunroof open. Fun day!

#takeahike #uppergoosepond #blessed #fun

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