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Sniffing out my next steps

8/23: I did my morning meditation and was out of the house early to go for a nice long walk. Ran into a friend and we made plans for dinner later in the week. She asked me about the puppy and I said I did not get him, but I trusted another was on the way. She let me know that she would not be available as she was for Ernie ( my pup of 16 years) and I told her I understood.

I enjoyed my walk and had a text when I got home about 2 cute puppies looking to be adopted. This started my morning-long journey of looking for a dog to adopt. I know I'm obsessing a bit, but I cannot help myself. Sometimes I just get up and walk away and do something completely different. Sometimes I continue on until I see all dogs within 50mi of me.

I was also looking for jobs on Indeed. For fun, I looked up the key word "dog". Whatever my next chapter is, I know I want a dog in my life and I want to take the dog to work or take the work to the dog or...something that makes this dream of a dog and meaningful and heartfelt work possible. I found a job with a non-profit called Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD) in Torrington. Though the job was not for me, the organization sounded interesting. They train service dogs and help match them with individuals in need. I looked at their website for fun ( and found they have a Take me Home for the Weekend Program. Volunteers can take puppies in training home on the weekends to help socialize the them. ECAD also trains their volunteers in handling the pups. I love this! So , I signed up. I think it might be cool to not only have the pups on weekends, but to find out what ECAD does and how they do it.

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