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I just wanted to share a few signs that have come up for me recently. I LOVE signs! I LOVE clear indications that I am well cared for.

The other night, I had one of my weekend pups, Libby. I was lying in bed with my eyes closed in the morning. I was feeling stuck and in need to inspiration to help me move. I asked Source (God) for help. I then opened my eyes to see Libby with her head resting on the bed gazing at me with her big brown eyes! Thanks, Source!!!!

I was looking for a fenced in area to let my weekend pup, Libby run around. I knew of one place, but I kept thinking about Bethlehem. So, I drove there and suddenly remembered that a friend and I used to play tennis on some public courts. Indeed, these courts are perfectly fenced and was a great spot for Libby to chase her ball and get her jiggies out! Thanks, Source!!

I was thinking about what I was going to do for a window treatment for my kitchen window. I kept looking at woven wood blinds and could not find anything. I then stopped and asked Source for inspiration. I then thought of some cloth I loved that I brought back from Mali in 1998. Perfect! I will make my own roman shade with it! Thanks, Source!

Everything is always working out for me.... My tenant downstairs noticed his heat was not working well and he heard a strange noise coming from the boiler. I looked and saw a valve was leaking. It was leaking about 1 gal per 4 hours and was starting to damage the drywall. I called my oil company, got a quote, negotiated a price and had a new boiler installed. Thanks for the early warning and graceful journey! Thanks for having this occur in Oct and not Feb!! I am grateful for the grace involved.

I started teaching pottery from my home studio. I did one set of classes with friends to see how it would feel. I liked it! It felt good and I loved having the commute :) I was feeling I would do it again. Then... a few days later, another friend called and said she had three people lined up and wanted to take a set of classes! Beautiful!!! I am so grateful!!! Thanks, Source!!

I'm renewed in my commitment to staying alert and aware of various signs that I am well cared for and that I am indeed abundant in sooooo many ways!

Do you see signs in your life???

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