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Realizing an unexpected level to my reinvention - friends

One of my best friends recently moved to Alabama. Her move was sudden. She was always someone I could call to take a walk, meet up and have a beer and chips or play tennis or whatever. But no longer...

Another dear friend talks of moving to Maine and is looking.

Another friend and her husband may retire from CT to CA this year or next.

I have a beautiful group of friends and I love them, and they are 10-20 years older than I am.

Driving along the other day, it hit me...part of my reinvention is expanding my circle of friends. Meeting new people. Meeting people more my age or younger. Making new and deeper connections with people I know and enjoy already.

It occurs to me that life is filled with loss, change and resiliency - especially as we age. I thought it was only my career that was up for reinvention. It appears there are opportunities for growth in many areas of my life!!

#makingnewfriends #meetingnewpeople #bestfriend #resiliency #reinvention #wannabefriends

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