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Putting a Crown On It

So, my attention continues to be on having fun in the kitchen. Years ago, a friend said my place would look nice with crown molding. So, I installed crown molding throughout the main living areas upstairs and down. However, at the time, I did not do the kitchen. I have been going back and forth about whether or not to build boxes over the cabinets w glass pane fronts. The soffit is fake, but I decided to hold off on this project. So, instead, I decided to add crown to the kitchen. I think it looks good!

Over the sink, I cut out the old soffit front to open up the sink area. I don't have a huge window, but I think this will help draw one's eye up and make the window feel bigger. When I took off the soffit, I noticed that the ceiling and light had been hidden and ignored for years. My home was built in 1960 and has swirled ceilings. The ceiling was not swirled behind the soffit. Fortunately for me, I had cracked this code during another home improvement project I did years ago in the living room. I had to replace a 3' x 5' chunk of ceiling drywall due to old water damage. So, after exploring YouTube, I was able to teach myself how to swirl the ceiling. It's actually quite fun and involves a very expensive tool - a whisk broom.

I took the broom and cut it down to create the right size swirl. Roll on thinned drywall compound (heavy cream consistency) and twist the broom and you have a swirl! If it does not look the way I want it, I just add a little compound and try again. Fun! Don't know that I'd want to do the whole ceiling, but it works great for small jobs involving the ceilings. I'll paint it and it should be good to go.

I have added some cutout paper and taped it to the bottom of the cabinet to help me visualize. I'm wondering if it might be cool to add a little trim at the bottom as faux feet. Stretch the eye and add some dimension and interest...??

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