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Planting seeds...

So I had my first online interview. Prior to the interview, I knew I did not really want the job offered ( Program Manager of a Group Home for people living with disabilities), but I liked the feeling of moving forward. During the interview, the man asked my salary requirements. He quickly answered that this would not be a good fit.

After we agreed on that, I asked if I could plant some seeds. One seed, I talked about my recent interest in service dogs supporting people living with disabilities and various needs of emotional support. How cool could it be if there was a service dog for the group home and several dogs within the organization. Imagine...

The second seed I planted was about technology. Looking at their website, they have an assisted technology group. This group peaked my interest. They figure out how to use technology to better the lives of people living with disabilities. When I was working with people living with dementia, I always wanted to explore technology to benefit their lives. I never really had the opportunity, but I had an interest. So when I saw this group, my eyes opened a bit wider.

I told my interviewer (and the Universe) how I loved the idea of exploring and inventing applied technology to benefit peoples lives. When I was in engineering, I was the bridge between the end user and the engineers. I had to understand how the system would be used in the field and test the system in the lab and in the field to make sure it met those requirements. I really liked this role. I like being the bridge. I like having the broad view and getting to know the needs of the user. I can see this translating to so many fields ... assistive technology with people living with disabilities or dementia or vets or... services dogs for various people in need to support... I like being the bridge with heart... I like problem solving with heart, inspired by love. I didn't get the job, but I moved forward... I planted the seeds...

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