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Motivated One Day, Not the Next

8/I am noticing a pattern I have. One day I will wake up and I feel like taking on the world, creating my "TO DO" list and cranking through items. I must confess that I am the type of person who adds things to the list that I completed that was not originally on the list. I do this to make myself feel as if I accomplished more in my day. I want to make sure I get credit!

The next day, I feel kinda "limp", quiet and content to just sit - watch TV, find a place in nature to hangout in my hammock or do whatever. I've gained a few pounds since I hurt my arm and don't feel my best.

I find myself in the house a lot. My mom used to stay in the house, not by choice but because she could no longer drive due to macular degeneration. Sometimes I imagine what she must have felt.

Today I painted. I painted the railings on my inside stairs. I patched nail holes and touched up the paint in the kitchen. I started to feel like I wanted to take on some cosmetic kitchen upgrades (repaint kitchen cabinets, new hinges, inexpensive backsplash, butcher block countertop??). So I started painting one cabinet to see how it feels. Why would I do a cosmetic upgrade and invest my time and a few hundred dollars vs. a full remodel (which my nearly 1960s original kitchen needs)? Some evolutionary change to make me feel better - feel like I'm moving forward? Make a small step - a step I feel is easy?

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