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Mothers... A dear college friend of mine has been caring for her mother - her mother of 92 years. Her mother who celebrated our college graduation... Her mother who was always kind, loving, interested and gracious. .. Her mother who easily invited her daughters friends into her home... Her mother who always openly and generously opened her country home to her daughter and her friends. Her mother who lost her husband over 20 years ago and had to relearn to live on her own... Her mother with a smile to carry her through the times when she doesn't feel like smiling... Her mother has dementia. Her mother is slated to move into an assisted living community this week.

I have been blessed to reconnect with my friend, her husband and her mother over the last few months. Her mother moved in several months ago with her daughter. I so loved and cherished seeing her again, even if I kept my distance due to COVID. She is such a lovely and social woman. We shared stories and she was so grateful to be staying with her daughter and nothing but loving things to say. I love watching my friend and her mother together. I love witnessing how they love each other and support each other. I love how much my friend wants only the best for her mother and is learning how to be with her mother as she lives with dementia. I hope that my friend really cherishes these times, as they are limited. I love her mother as her own person, but I know I cherish the opportunity to love a mother.

I lost my mother seven years ago. I guess being with my friends and their parents helps me to connect to my mother in some way. If my friend's mother is still alive and I love being with them...somehow I feel as if my mother is still here or that I'm loved by a mother. During our last visit, I gave her mother a hug and told her that I would be there for her if she ever needed to talk to anyone. She was so loving and gave me a big hug and said "I am so happy about what you are doing" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. These days are numbered. The days when a mother will kiss me on the cheek and say she's happy for me.

I guess I am crying because the love of a mother is special. I am really grateful to have such kind and loving people in my life - of all generations. I am so grateful for my college friend who is a beautiful and loving soul and so grateful for her mother. Together, they are a force of love and connectedness. I am grateful. My life is better and my heart fuller for spending time with these two amazing ladies.

Mom, I love you and am so grateful for all you did for me throughout your life and beyond. I see and feel you often and smile when I see way you've left your mark on my world. Little things, how you fixed Ernie's leash by sewing it with yarn or how you kept pans from falling off the shelf by adding a piece of cardboard or finding a toothpick stuck in a hole to make something fit better. You taught me a lot and I can't thank you enough. For now, this is enough.

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