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Just take one step ...

Ok, here's the deal. I've been in a bit of a rut. Kind of floating along. This is ok and part of the process. But I recently got a little kick in the pants during my unemployment filing process.

A while ago, I went on and put in "dog" as a key wood - just for fun. This led me to ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting Disabilities). There mission so resonates. I've gone through their training and taken pups home for 3 weekends now. I love it! I want to become a better dog trainer. I applied to PetSmart for a job as a dog trainer. I decided I should explore the world of guide/service/therapy dogs. So I started looking around on the internet for other organizations in CT in this world. There are a few, but all the while, a voice in my head kept saying "why do you keep looking when you are already involved with an organization?" I just kept thinking that it can't be that easy, can it? I should explore other options and research other organizations, compare and contrast, learn from as many organizations as I can... The reality is maybe I just need to take one more step with ECAD and see what happens. Feel it. See how it feels.

So before I dropped off the pup this week, I imagined running into the owner and asking about training opportunities or how do I learn and get better? When I dropped off the pup, the kennel manager came out to take Picasso. We started chatting and our conversation led to an opportunity. She said that the ECAD trainers hold training sessions Mon, Tues and Wed am 10:30-12:30 and that I was always welcome to join in and offer to help. So, next Monday, I will join in. The next step... Just take one step, Pam and let Spirit do the rest!


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