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Inspired Action

As I sat write an entry today, I paused to think about what I might say. A calm still voice said "it's time to send those emails!" So, I stopped and sent an email to a friend whose husband trains dogs to see if I could chat with him and checkout his set-up. I also sent an email to ECAD director offering my services and asking for opportunities that may exist.

I also just reached out to a non-profit called Noah's Animal House in Nevada. ( I first became aware of them on CNN Heros in 2019. The founder Staci Alonso was being honored as a CNN Hero. Per their website, Noah's Animal House keeps pets united with families in partnership and next door to domestic violence shelters. As soon as I saw Staci and her organization, I thought "That's it! That's so similar to the idea I had at work. People moving into assisted living / skilled nursing and people living with dementia should not need to lose the love of the pets.

So.... I reached out.... I took a step....I took a few steps... moving toward dreams and visions and following my heart. The rest ... ????

#CNNHero #takeastep #inspiredaction #followmyheart

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