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I like creating...

I like creating. I like building. I like doing things with my hands. I like having a house as a canvas. I like making things. I like being surrounded by objects that hold meaning and stories. I like seeing an evolution. I live the diversity of things I enjoy. I love being inspired. I love the feeling of stillness before the inspiration comes. I love staring at a space and waiting for the idea to come. I love trying things. I love the feeling knowing it's "it" . I love trusting when it is time to stop or time to try something new. I love the feeling of being refreshing and renewed. I love the feeling of being inspired. I love the feeling of momentum . I love the feeling of energy flowing and moving. I love loving. I love joy. I love smiling. I love fun. I love laughter. I love connection. I love momentum. I I creating just to create. I love trying things for the fun of it. I love having fun! I love creating to create. I love the feeling of having a vision. I love seeing a color. I love feeling a texture. I love feeling a pattern. I love feeling of waiting for divine inspiration. I love when divine inspiration comes! I love creating something from nothing. I love the feeling of cracking the code. I love the feeling of finding a creative solution. I love visioning things. I love starring and letting the visions come. I love when the visions come! I loving being in the space for the ideas to come. I love receiving the ideas. I love receiving visions. I LOVE receiving visions!

I loving seeing fun things in the kitchen... I love seeing dogs frolicking in the fields . I love the idea of a ranch. I love the idea of rolling hills and open space and open land. I love the feeling of expansiveness I love hugging and kissing pups. I love the feeling of acres of land. with a stream.

This was a fun way to start my day! Unedited stream of consciousness...

#create #rampage

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