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Fun weekend!!

Had my pottery sale this weekend. It was sooooo much fun for me! From the cleaning out of the studio and garage , to setting up and hosting. While setting up, I did manage to tip over a shelf of pottery and break many pieces, including my favorite piece! Oh well, I did say I wanted to clear out (not exactly what I had in mind, but...)! The days were beautiful and people were fun, friendly and generous. This morning I have a chance to stop. I am so grateful for the whole weekend. I am so grateful for the support of friends - old and new. I had asked for the days to be filled with connection, laughter and abundance and boy, did I get it!!! One of my favorite things was meeting neighbors and having a chance to chat with them and their children. All the effort was worth these connections alone! I absolutely LOVED witnessing the ebb and flow of friends come and go. I love the feeling of widening the circle, including another chair and welcoming another to join in. I loved brilliant and easy conversation. I loved the conversation included everyone. I loved that I got to know new friends better and strengthen connections. I love the energy of friends laughing with each other. I love people's generosity. I love that people love different objects. I love the sparrows playing in the bushes behind us and watching them hop from branch to branch and peek their heads out. I love the quiet time giving me time to complete some things with my kiln. I love having space to connect with people one on one. I am grateful for people interested in taking classes and those who already do! I am grateful for it all!

Thanks to everyone!

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