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Focusing on the good

I could complain about health insurance - lack of coverage and high cost of insurance with terrible coverage and a deductible that is so high its more that I've spent in the last 3 years combined. But that doesn't feel so good. I will call an agent on Monday and trust that I'll find the perfect plan for me.... I also trust in my health ... Trusting feels better than complaining...I can understand why people take full time jobs just for the benefits, but I want more. I want a job that fills my heart, fills my sense of purpose, and fills my bank account.

Speaking of things I want.... I want to focus on things that make me feel better - things that make me feel good. I like wanting to feel better. I like that I want to focus on the good. I love knowing I can feel good anytime. I love warming up. I love momentum. I love feeling good feelings more and more each day. I love allowing. I love receiving and being open. I love spreading my arms open wide and allowing all good to come. I love abundance. I love allowing and receiving. I love focusing on things I love. I love clarity. I love seeing clearly. I love knowing. I love trusting. I love being alert and aware. I love being open and loving. I love receiving love. I love when a dog licks my face. I love climbing into bed at the end of the day. I love the soft sheets. I love when I move at light and the sheets are cool. I love the moment I stop moving and surrender and relax. I love the moment of relaxing. I love hanging from trees in my hammock. I love the feeling of releasing. I Iove the feeling of letting go. I lovefun. I love laughing! I love people I can laugh easily with. I love being silly. I love dogs. I love taking naps on the couch in the middle of the day. I love inspiration. I love anticipation and eagerness. I love feeling excited and full! I love feeling inspired. I love focusing on things I love! Bring it on!!!!

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