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Dark Park Camping - Morning Silent Walks

When I awoke, each morning I would take a walk and explore somewhere new. Sunrise over the field was beautiful and the world was so quiet that I felt the air heavy. The wildflowers were out and the leaves starting to change color. My first morning, I met a new friend who just crossed my path... 20 feet in front of me. He saw me long before I saw him. He moved closer, sauntering toward me. He paused to get a better look and smell. We watched each other for a while and then he went on his way, walking toward the edge of the woods where he ate leaves and scratched himself against the tree branches. What is it about connecting with a wild animal without words - making eye contact, reading body language, smelling - that creates a moment to last a lifetime? A sign...of what...?

After that, I started each day by walking the field connecting with my white-tailed friends and hawks who always there when I came through.

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