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Dark Park Camping - Just Whittling the Day Away

Today, I decided I was not going to get in my car. I was not going to drive miles to find a trailhead and go for a hike. I was not going to DO anything or GO anywhere. I would just hang out at camp and see how the day unfolded. What a great day!!!!! I loved today...

Walking through the fields at sunrise with the deer and plant life

Eating oatmeal and sipping hot tea, mesmerized by the morning campfire

Gathering wood for the evening campfire

Packing a picnic lunch and finding the perfect trees in the woods from which to hang my hammock

Reading "Braided Sweetgrass" while swinging in the cool afternoon shade

Searching the fields, hand cutting wildflowers, and collecting rocks, lichened bark and fallen colored leaves

Creating a centerpiece for fun

Whittling a piece of bark for hours... making NO thing...

My favorite part of the day...

Can't remember the last time I whittled?!?

#whittle #fun #hammock #greatday

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