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Completely unmotivated

8/24: Yesterday, I did not want to do anything. I got dressed thinking I would go to the gym, but I did not go, nor did I exercise all day. I cancelled my follow-up appointment for my wrist as it was moving in the right direction and I did not feel like driving to Middletown. I felt like being still, grazing and binge watching "Below Deck." I thought about writing, but just did not feel like it. I made some moves to make myself feel better. I painted the door to my deck which needed some TLC, painted my homemade dog bowl holder and worked in my pottery studio for a bit.

I enjoy being in the studio. It helps me move a little, listen to music and be quiet. I do really like the feeling of just clearing my mind, looking at what I'm creating, stopping and waiting for divine inspiration. I was able to finish a bottle I was working on the day prior but taking a knife to it and cutting it in half. Sometimes I just have to tear something apart before I can create something that feels better. I really like when i can find that balance - a sense of knowing, a sense of two pieces clicking together, when one piece just clicks into place. I have not yet chosen to set a date to sell my pottery. All in good time...

I spent a lot of time looking at puppies for adoption on-line. I filled out an application for some pups.

I called my dermatologist to see what time my appointment was tomorrow. They said they did not have me on the schedule. I explained how important is was that I get this thing on my face removed before 8/31 for health insurance reasons. They said they did not see how that was possible, given the doctor's schedule. I was not happy as the dermatologist I saw last week or so said I would have an appointment tomorrow. They said to call in the am. I tried not to freak out and hoped that somehow this would all work out...

I felt like being with people, but did not feel like calling anyone. So I did not and watched a movie instead.

#couchpotato #unmotivated

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