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Catching up

I have been away from the keyboard for quite a while. I'm guessing I am not alone in the ebb and flow of creativity or structure. Honestly, I just have not been motivated to post anything. I have been slow paced in my life - not a lot of "doing" and trusting that is ok. I do feel this quiet time, some of it "strongly encouraged" by COVID, is a time for gestation and incubation. I bounce around between watching TV, working on my kitchen, and playing with my weekend pups. I am eating too much and not exercising enough. But, all this is ok. Everything is temporary and all part of the journey.

On the job front, I poke around on Indeed and other sites and am uninspired, though curious about some green energy/home building, kitchen design, sales of something I can get behind... Nothing has jumped out. All in good time!! Also, I am aware it may not be an "Ah ha!" moment. It may be more gradual... one foot in front of the other. So, I hope to keep exploring ... A question I am asking myself is "Do I want an adventure before I settle into a new job?" As I am typing this, I am wondering why the two need to be mutually exclusive? What if it could be both?

I want my heart to be full and my eyes open and mind alert. I want to feel passion and connection to nature and animals and others. I want to learn and contribute, collaborate and discover. I love the feeling of discovery. I love when "happy accidents" happen. I love feeling inspired and clear. I love clarity and being energized. I love feeling strong and inspirited by the infinite possibilities life holds!

I am caring for a service dog in training for the holidays. My pup's name is Honey or more formally, Honeycrisp (after the apple) (she is part of a "fruit" litter). She is 7 months old and adorable, so smart and into everything. I wonder where she will go and who she will help in her years. She is full of potential and completely unknowing of what lies ahead.

#catchingup #outoftouch #ebbandflow

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