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Can't make someone believe what you believe

So, today, I felt better this morning, but like I had the wind let out of my sails a bit. I was not sad but just not energized. After relaxing and watching some TV, I decided to do something to uplift my spirits. I decided to go for a new hike and explore a new area. I like exploring as it makes me feel alive, aware and alert. As I was trying to find the trailhead, I kept going past where I wanted to be or going in the wrong direction and had to turn around. On the trail, I was following the blue markers. Then suddenly, I lost the blue blazes - they just seemed to stop at a junction with orange and red. I changed my plan and cut the hike short and went back via the red trail. I knew I could find my way if I followed the red. Feels metaphorical...

In the afternoon, I was sad about loosing Jack and was talking to a friend about it. I realized that I was not so sad about loosing Jack, as I know he is going to a deserving and needy family. I realized that I was sad because I told the truth. The truth of what I believe and shared some of the principles of how I live my life. In the past, I have been accused of being "preachy" when I get excited about spiritual principles that I believe and follow. I feel I did that here. I was trying to convince Jack's foster mom, on some level, to see life the way I do - to believe things that I believe. I get so excited and just keep talking, trying to convince them in some way. It never works! So lesson learned - just believe and live my life by the principles in which I believe, but don't try to convince others to live their lives by the same beliefs.

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