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Can't Find the Words...

I am struggling a bit. Even now, I can't seem to find the words. There are many times when I start to write and the words I choose just fall flat. It feels like rambling...without focus or purpose or insufficient to express what I'm feeling. I suppose sometimes I need poetry or sculpture - something where the feeling is between the words.

As I searched for a photo to include today, this one resonated. I don't need to find the perfect words because I have the perfect heart. As I write whatever I write or delete and rewrite, I am feeling. This is enough. Feeling. Feeling my heart and trusting. I have a good, true and pure heart. This surely is enough.

My heart is touched by missing a friend, our easy friendship and the good times we had together. I am missing the collaboration and problem solving we did together. As she said when I called her today, when the two of us put our heads together, we could solve any challenge! I miss having someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm ideas. I love the feeling of teaming up - teaming together to meet a challenge - partnering to enjoy each other and move toward a common goal or something we both loved. I have been feeling this for a couple of weeks now. If I were to back up a bit, I would welcome this energy into my life - a sharing of ideas, genuine enjoyment and respect for each other, a sense of fun and collaboration, laughter, support, kindness, intelligence, brainpower and more. Come on in!!! I welcome you!!

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