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Breathe and jump!

I feel that overcoming the need to be "perfect" is a taking a series of deep breaths and taking the leap anyway. As I reflect on this, I am taking a deep breath and putting this blog into the world more fully. I'll connect it to Google and just doing it. When I started, I had a certain concept in my mind - I wanted it to be a certain way - a daily journal. I wanted it in order to reveal a story. Then reality hit and I did not write an entry daily and it did not go as I had planned or hoped. I hesitated to put it "out there" until it was the way I had envisioned. How many times do I not do something for fear of it not being "perfect"? For being judged? For being seen as less than? There are many times I can think of...but now is now. Soooo, take a deep breath and off I go! Breathe and jump!

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