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Another step forward... one paw at a time

After coming out of the Presidential Election madness, I can break away from the TV and polls to focus on other things.

I dropped off my weekend pup, Peace at ECAD yesterday. Driving up, I did a little visualization and trusted that the right people would be at the right place at the right time. So, sure enough, one of the trainers was in the yard with the pups. I asked her if it might be possible for me to watch a training session. She mentioned that today would be a good opportunity to come to a training session, check it out and help them with the pups. Done!

So, today, I attended my first training session with the pups at ECAD. Driving up, I was nervous. I did some visualization and asked to be alert, aware, and open. So, I walked in and said I was here to help. I had no idea what I was in for, but I was open. I'll spare you the details, but it was awesome! I learned about the dogs and about myself. I was coached in my handling skills and handled several different pups. I think one of my favorite moments was handling the pups while I was in a wheelchair. I started to realize just how important it is for the dogs to be able to do soooo many things and do them well. I really appreciated this and look forward to continuing to open my eyes, mind and heart in new ways.

Another thing I learned about the dogs was how easily they follow and bond with different people in the moment - their pack leader. Many of the dogs in today's session were dogs I've had for the weekend. I knew they wouldn't come running up and say "Pam, I've missed you!". I mean, I really can't tell them apart from each other yet. But it's humbling. It's really not about me at all. There's a lesson here...

So, on the way out, the lead trainer and head of ECAD asked if I was coming back next week. I said I'd like to come once a week if that worked for her. She said she'd put me on the schedule and see me next Tuesday. Yippee!! I'm on my way to being a better dog handler and trainer!

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