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Mothers... A dear college friend of mine has been caring for her mother - her mother of 92 years. Her mother who celebrated our college...

Getting a pup of my own...

I made an appointment a while ago to visit Danbury Animal Rescue to meet some of their pups. I went tonight even though I feel satisfied...

Fun weekend!!

Had my pottery sale this weekend. It was sooooo much fun for me! From the cleaning out of the studio and garage , to setting up and...

Breathe and jump!

I feel that overcoming the need to be "perfect" is a taking a series of deep breaths and taking the leap anyway.

Reflecting on Openness

8/27: This morning I was updating some posts in this blog and I started to reflect on openness. I started to write stories, but deleted...

I like creating...

I like creating. I like building. I like doing things with my hands. I like having a house as a canvas. I like making things. I like...

Take a Hike

8/26: I woke up this am feeling better and had more energy. I laid in bed for a bit appreciating how comfy I was! I did my morning...

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